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Precedent business of the company

 Previous work of the company

						 .new Winner specializes in high-quality travel and excursions with professional drivers. Completed with limousines and touring cars of the latest models. A transportation network that helps travelers move easily between cities, in an easy, practical and safe way. New Winner is with you anywhere. Our fleet of luxury cars offers the latest models of cars and limousines where we have high standards of quality in car maintenance . Enjoyable, comfortable, safe experience, all our cars are in excellent condition inside and out - we are proud to show our limousines, travel cars and trips that we have.
 First: government agencies
						-	The Ministry of Environment  .
Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.
Suez Canal Economic Authority.
- The Egyptian Banking Institute.
Second: Egyptian companies

Egypt Company for Packing Materials.
Ezz Steel.
- Egypt Information Center.
Talaat Mostafa Group.
- Hassan Allam.

Third: foreign companies
Intec energya
- Outotec engineering
- Menard freyssiet
Schenker Egypt LTD
- Soletenanche bachy
Sterling Wilson
Saudi Fanar Group
Glen mark Pharma
From the above, it becomes clear to you that a company has dealt with many governmental companies, bodies and foreign companies, which indicates commitment and accuracy in dealing, and we hope that we will gain the honor of dealing with you.


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